Meet the team

Our team of professionals are dedicated to planning, executing and measuring strategies that accelerate your business performance and help you reach new levels of success.

We are experienced, motivated and dedicated experts who drive forward our client campaigns and uphold our culture of continual improvement. We’re incredibly proud of the people who make our company what it is.

Read through our staff profiles and discover more about the Azoth Solutions team.

Steve Collins profile image

Steve Collins

Steve started his professional career working for a private commercial property development company and was involved in the acquisition of several high-profile buildings in central London and abroad. Steve then spent nine years working for a privately-owned Oil and Gas company where he headed up the finance team and oversaw the acquisition and integration of over $1bn of assets, over trebling the size of the business. More recently Steve has moved back into property development and founded Azoth Solutions.

Steve spends most of his free time with his family of three children and supporting the mighty Norwich City.

Imogen Beckley profile image

Imogen Beckley

Imogen has worked alongside Steve for many years, carrying out almost all roles in a finance office. She has a wide knowledge base from her many years of working across different company sectors and thrives on complex problems solving and detailed business modelling – she is a bit of a whiz with Excel!

Imogen enjoys sewing and gardening, however her main passion is motor biking.

Adam Blythe profile image

Adam Blythe

Adam started his career journey by obtaining his degree in CMTT (Creating Music Through Technology). Adam channels this creative energy into providing brand support to Azoth clients. He is never happier than creating logos or websites that can challenge markets in new and interesting ways.

Adam spends most of his time performing in a band or making movie quality latex masks.

Martin Collins profile image

Martin Collins

Martin has worked at all levels of business within the transport trade and supports the Azoth clients within this field. In addition to business review services, he provides policy guidance as well as health and safety support using knowledge obtained over many years of experience.

Martin spends as much time as he can with his family and grandchildren and can often be found tinkering with classic cars.

Jack Southwell profile image

Jack Southwell

Jack heads up the marketing support of Azoth and has vast experience in online sales and brand awareness. He works closely with Adam on brand development and website design.

Jack makes the rest of the team feel guilty with his early gym sessions and is a passionate supporter of Crystal Palace football club.

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